Wednesday, 24 April 2013



By search engine optimization you can increase the number of visitors to your website, but good results are also sure not one hundred percent by guaranteed. In addition, search engines can at any time change the used algorithm, whereby the position of your site in the search results complete may change.

Another way to a search will be shown in the results but is PPC Marketing. 

Types Of Search Results

A distinction is made between the so-called "organic" search results, and the sponsored results. Organic search results are simply the list of Web sites that a search engine automatically shows a search, and a high position scoring is so mainly due to search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition to the organic results a search engine also gives a few sponsored links through, which links are to websites that have paid to be on that particular query will be shown. Those Web sites pay only when someone actually clicks on the ad. You pay per click sponsored link that produces this so, hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC). 

Things to watch out for

On this way you buy so relatively cheap visitors for your website around keywords of your choice. This may sound attractive, but there are some caveats:


The system is one of them offer: you are bidding an amount per click for a keyword, and the highest bidder is highest in the sponsored results list around that Word. You can thus best niche search keywords to bid on, there offer less (or no) people on, and so you pay much less per click.

Click Fraud

Because PPC is paid per click, you could fall victim to a form of click fraud, which just means anything or anyone you PPC costs whether or not for fun fosters by clicking on your sponsored links, without effective of any site visit.

The most important search engines that offer a Pay Per Click program, paying a lot of attention to preventing and combating this phenomenon, but it's simply impossible to eradicate the problem at all. Therefore keep in mind that some of the clicks by definition will yield nothing.

Price per click

The search engines look at the sponsored link is clicked the most, and set it up in the sponsored results. In addition, you pay less per click the more clicks you generate. The managed description that at your sponsored link you should so make as attractive as possible, which invites viewers to click through to your website.


You can change your ads not only on the website of Google itself, but also on all sites in the network of Google who use "AdSense". Conversely you can also as a webmaster of the PPC-system use by those sponsored links on your site.

The AdSense program analyzes the page where the links are shown, and then show relevant sponsored links. The content of the page is in other words summed up to a few key words. The sponsored links than from people who have offered around that keyword.

The webmasters put so instead of, for example, a banner, actually a block for that page relevant sponsored links on their site. As a webmaster you will receive a portion of the price per click. For the sites via the Adsense system to visitors however the quality of the visitors come from the network generally less than that of on the Google main page.