Wednesday, 11 July 2012

White Hat SEO

Among white hat SEO, I  understand all that complies with the Google Webmaster Guidelines and what I  could safely show an employee of Google. White hat SEO means a solid-page optimization, which is a search engine makes it easy to find my content. The contents of my website should  be such that they attract  natural links with a more promotion. White hat SEO is good way  for high-quality websites that should not even be found in a few years at Google.

For such projects, it needs a page that is for the user really interesting or helpful, because otherwise no natural links can be generated. Social media optimization and related content is good for me, the only way to be 100% white hat on the way to stay here because it is essentially a matter to produce voluntarily placed links. The best SMO Kamp Angien are almost never recognized as such see, completely natural and can therefore never be recognized as a direct manipulation of search results.