Monday, 1 April 2013

10 Tips for successful link exchange requests

10 Tips for successful link exchange requests
The theme link exchange is one of the most popular and important in terms of SEO. In principle, the subject sounds relatively simple, however some link exchange requests take me in recent times repeatedly to shake your head. Automated tools for fast link exchange requests are particularly popular at the moment. This can work out in a particular case, but usually individual and tailor-made requests are ultimately the much more successful means. In this article, I want to give you so today 10 tips for successful link exchange request.

1. Recipient search

Before even the first link exchange request email can be sent, first of all matching receivers must be researched. Already here, many search engine optimizers make little effort. Rather than quality is preferred to quantity - true to the motto: I send more requests, my chances are higher. Own projects, which may be perhaps in order. But managed customer project, you should reconsider may once again this approach, especially as the quality not necessarily unfortunately must see the quantity. In addition to the search for relevant link exchange pages and their metrics then also an accurate picture should be made is by the operator itself directly and individually to speak to him. In some cases, it is even more useful in social networks such as Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, to inform etc. through the operator.

2. Legitimate email address

The next step in the the "operation: link exchange" the creation of an attractive and trustworthy email address should be. This brings the recipient directly with the sender in combination and should therefore appropriately serious work. Should be abandoned the use of Freemail providers like Gmail, GMX, here as possible, because the sending of E-Mails via your own domain usually not only considerably better speaks the receiver, but produces also a significantly higher confidence.

3. Meaningful subject line

The subject line of an E-Mail is basically the door opener to the receiver. It is not clear, clear and appealing formulated lands the email directly by clicking and unread in the garbage can. Because the actual text of the E-Mail may sound no matter how well - the chance is missed. Therefore, the subject line for the user should be so appealing and personal as possible and make them curious about on the contents of the receiver. However you should not exaggerate here yet it with the personalization, the many Spamer work exactly with this compound. Who does not know subject lines like this: "Peter, our top offer for you!" or "Mr. Miller, now free the provider change!" etc.? Please do not - the name of the recipient is on link exchange requests not in the subject line, even if you have a pool of addresses available enables the integration of, because it smells very simply automated mass mailings.

4. Personal approach

In contrast to the subject line, we can welcome the personal speech here almost rein. Here, it is very important to attract the user with his name. Whether here a "You" or "You" is attached as a response, you must decide with his trained eye even depending on the recipient. Yet you can see here ever again, that prefer automated mass mailings will be sent instead of individually researched and created emails. In this case, you get so impressive speeches such as "good day Peter Müller!" or just "Hello!". In both cases, not marketers sees that it is automated mass mailings, because nobody welcomes someone in an email with first and last names. And even if the name in the title is correct - with their personal touch that do nothing. At this point, then the chances of success for a link exchange are accordingly low.

5. Request to the point brought

Especially in this point, many senders of emails struggle often. Instead of succinctly convey the receiver, that you want to thread just a link exchange, a laaanger novel about the topics will be shipped here often SEO(Search Engine Optimization), online marketing, link exchange and its benefits. Usually you would like to read any long texts as a receiver because you either a) no time or desire to do so has to read them then to determine that it is merely a link exchange request, or b) it has long dealt with the topic of link building SEO and is therefore already deeply into the matter. In this case it is sometimes even veräppelt, where one can take the wheel for the first point - the thorough research of the receiver - here again. Instead of harassing the recipient so with unnecessary bells and whistles, typically a simple Tercet ranges at the link exchange. The better you manage to bring his lines to the point without to beat around the Bush, in 3-4 the chances of success are greater.

6. Correct spelling

Nobody is perfect, but you should try with link exchange requests as much as possible to keep the spelling rules. Especially for sending in the sales order, it is important, after all, a connection between the link exchange request on the part of the Agency and the client or customer is pulled this, which can have an impact ultimately on its image. In case of doubt so give rather that enable spelling checker or mail in the editorial office.

7 Linguistic style

Should be abandoned street jargon and network language possible for link exchange requests. Smilies and abbreviations such as "lol" or "rofl" evidence usually only in the rarest of cases of seriousness. A key pitfall is here especially that many beneficiaries who are not quite as Internet affine just can do nothing with corresponding abbreviations. Who would like to improve the chances of success so geared ideally to the classic German.

8 Equivalent exchange

In addition to the relevance of the topic, many Exchange inquiries at operators whose websites have one or more specific positive SEO metrics like a high PageRank, good visibility, many backlinks, a great domain name age set is etc. So that the Exchange can be completed as quickly as possible, is not infrequently sent by the sender of a link exchange request also equal to a small selection of its own portfolio, which in turn links can be offered. However, one must here unfortunately repeatedly determine, that of equivalence in relation to the above mentioned metrics of the offered sites often no question may be, what is more than annoying for the recipient of the link exchange request. That the link exchange request in such a case is not successful is probably understandable. Therefore: If you want to have a good link, should have as much decency and at least reasonably equivalent link.

9 Sender profile spice up

Another important point in the link building is the name of the sender or contact person. This one contact data of course and fully at the end of every sent email, including all relevant such as website, email address, and phone number. Ideally, adding additional links to its existing social media profiles like Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google +. This makes the E-Mail not only serious, but offers the possibility to make a picture of the sender, just as it has been ideally also on the receiver the sender the recipient in addition. Apart from the seriousness it offers the possibility of networking - so alike and this topic is already long important just for the link building!

10 Telephone request - the alternative?

Basically, link exchange requests are a very good and comfortable solution via email. But there is also a more promising alternative or supplement: the telephone! Instead of having long to worry about the matching text, a link exchange request via phone call offers significant advantages:

-Direct and personal contact with the operator.
-You quickly learn the art of the interlocutor.
-About some Smalltalk to build a sustainable relationship.
-Person cross-networking through recommendation.
-Phone calls can save a lot of time in comparison with the acquisition of E-Mail.
-The conversion rate is usually higher compared to emails.

In case of doubt can be used the phone as a "Reminder", provided that the recipient not on email replies. It finally sometimes happens that an email is somewhere stuck in the spam folder. Here, the phone is a very useful tool.