Thursday, 18 April 2013

Top 10 SEO Tips And Trends For 2013

Top 10 SEO Tips And Trends For 2013

The year is coming to an end. With algorithm updates such as Venice, Panda and Penguin, Google has employed the international SEO scene. Looking ahead, already first indications of the coming development can make, which is why we want to 2013 take a look at the SEO trends at this point.

"Search, plus your World" launched the SEO year 2012. This was followed by numerous changes and small and large algorithm updates. Ultimately, it was the Penguin update that dominated the coverage. With its focus on the devaluation of substandard sites it again underpinned Google's long-term efforts to list only high-quality content in the search results. A decision that seems as likely as plausible.

SEO trends 2013: An Outlook for the coming year

Those who followed the discussions of the experts and opinion leaders with vigilant views, could identify numerous topics in the course of the year, which occur only on their way toward the mainstream. They are in addition to speculative guesses in this Outlook for the coming year of SEO. Because we can not say true, we are interested in addition to your ideas. On the bestent, you wrote your ten SEO trends us 2013 in the comment box below.

1. Google + and author rank

The year began with a stronger integration of Google +. With a (still) stronger integration of Google + it will continue likely in the coming year. This indicates not only the continuous commitment of Google, which has apparently still in planning, but also the ongoing debate about the author rank, which is gaining importance in the future.

The subject stands for search engine optimization not only because of a potentially higher weighting of the authors on the program, but also plays a role in connection with rich snippets. They help to increase the click-through rate (CTR) a Web site by additional information such as the author image will appear. With an increasing use of meta-information, hence the person of the author is gaining importance in the coming year.

2. Negative SEO

Another issue that is gaining importance in the coming year, running under the title "Negative SEO". This is the validation of competing websites, by for example, unnatural link profiles generated or sent fake emails to link donors. A summary of the topic was SEO trainee back in the mid of the year. The increasing expense of sincere SEO work is to assume that the dubious service providers in this area really come in the coming year in drive.

3. Content marketing

The experts and opinion leaders predict a merge of all major areas of online marketing. In the future it is to set the idea - a holistic strategy incorporating all of the channels necessary - to ascend. Only then you can achieve large above-average results. The bringing together of all parts - including also social media and search engine optimization - leads inevitably to quality content. Studies, white papers and graphics - content that is already provided in the "content marketing" in the Center.

The saying "content is King" depends on the SEO scene has long been the neck out, but in terms of content, it is still correct. A solid basis in the form of high-quality and link worthy content is gaining importance in the future. This indicates not only Penguin down, but above all of common sense. The masses on the train will jump next year to take advantage of the benefits of content marketing in the framework of a holistic strategy for SEO purposes. Agencies will include appropriate services in its portfolio, more and more theme-related events will establish itself.

4. New techniques of link-building

New techniques of link-building are gaining importance due to changes of search engine algorithms. While long controversial methods in some cases still work, a majority of the consultants and agencies that settles down to put on more complex link building strategies in future. These include naturally generated blog and forums links in addition to the above mentioned forms of content marketing. Its importance domestically include the link-building study of Liban. The link building ideas are already assumed whom, which may be quite inspired. Only recently the German SEO Agency AKM3 collected "44 creative link building ideas made in Germany".

5. WDF * P * IDF

The SEO formula "WDF * P * IDF" is not new, but yet up-to-date. It is the big sister of the keyword density and has a reputation in Germany to thank especially Karl scratch. Now the topic including all backgrounds and details of every second SEO blog has been discussed, but it is still largely unknown mass. Since the formula as a Word-press plug-in has been implemented and integrated into a SEO tool, is but assume that she gaining notoriety in the coming year also outside of the SEO scene.

6. Predictive SEO and SEO calendar

The battle for important keywords will continue to grow because so slow even the last medium sized enterprise sets up a Web site and pays attention to the basics of search engine optimization. Added numerous freelancers, agencies and companies who have the issue on the agenda. Those who work in this context without a plan for the future, is shrouded in worse for important keywords in doubt. Today is therefore optimized on important topics such as the "World Cup 2014" or the "i Phone 6".

Who works - for example via Word-press plug-in – with event-driven calendar and at an early stage provides content that increases the chances a good ranking. It is therefore now worth, to work for the coming year. A good starting position has hurt yet none, especially not in a competitive market.

7. User behavior

If opt for a hit-seeking, but only a little later to return to the results page and click on a second hit, it raises no good light on the initial choice website. It is now clear that such "soft" factors for Google are relevant - is just unclear to what extent. Theoretically, user behavior can reveal a great deal of information, it is only a matter of time until the search engine algorithms bite. For search engine optimizers, the reason should be enough, in the coming year closer to the topic to deal with.

To achieve good long-term rankings, with bad content is given this ranking King factors impossible. Along with the trend to content marketing, that is why more and more companies must produce content that have substance to offer something. Until then, users are satisfied in addition to the search engines which, in turn, will benefit from the ranking. Who would like to optimize existing content already, should based on key metrics of Web Analyst’s as the bounce rate and length of stay or analyze competing bids.

8. Structured data

The targeted enrichment of the search engine results through micro-formats, micro-data, RDFa, and the open graph Protocol is important - both large and small Web sites. While news outlets feature their authors and article reviews, small companies highlight their address data of according to applicable conventions. Objective not is the result lists so crudely. It simply comes to equip your own website for the future. It is already clear that search engines the semantic context stronger values - a clear indication of the importance of structured data.

With the announcement of the graph of knowledge and its continuous development, Google turns the hint. Trying to interpret these characters, is not credible to, to place a greater emphasis on structured data in the future. For us a clear indication to 2013 to list the subject as SEO trend.

9 Mobile SEO

The proliferation of mobile devices has increased dramatically in the past few months, and this trend will not abate in the coming year is likely to be the most ages known. Various starting points there, in order to prepare your own website for this trend from SEO point of view, including a magazine article of the t3n 30 explains. It is in addition to the expectations of the mobile users in this context to note also very good technical details. A close collaboration of Web designers, Web developers, and ages is necessary to prepare Web pages on the increasing use of smart-phones and tablets.

10 Voice search optimization

The increasing distribution and use of speech recognition technology such as Siri, and Google voice goes hand in hand with the above mentioned trend. Especially young people and young adults should push ahead this development in the future. An very most important part of the tasks that take such services, according to the classical search engines use. And as their ancestors, even speech recognition services include all information from the Internet, especially from structured databases like Wikipedia, Google places and Yelp.

The technology is not yet mature long, but we can assume a rapid further development beyond reasonable doubt. In the future, there will be therefore increasingly important to optimize the corporate presence in these databases and to capture the content of the website. It is questionable whether this right gets a new SEO discipline ("voice search optimization") on the plan. It's clear, however, that the subject has great potential to be 2013 in the coming year to the SEO trend.