Friday, 3 May 2013

What is Local SEO

Local SEO
Local SEO "focuses" on the optimization of local searches, how as. for a restaurant nearby, a dentist, to craftsmen, workshops or other local service providers.

Why do I need a local online marketing?

Since the introduction of the Google online industry book of Google + places, and how to incorporate it into the Google search engine results, it becomes increasingly important to drive optimal strategy because your potential customers search behavior has changed dramatically here for local suppliers of products and services. Therefore, it is important to adapt marketing to this behavior.
  • Customers are looking for and compare products almost exclusively in the Internet
  • Customers pay much more attention to opinions and recommendations of other customers
  • Customers are looking for tradesmen and service providers on the PC or Smart-phone
Therefore spend hundreds of euros on advertising in newspapers, junk mail, or television advertisements and neglect the local online advertising completely! Customers are looking for your product here and now!

Placement on the front ranks in the search engines is enormously important for your sales. Probably, your competitor has recognized this and money is long with your customers.

Who should use local SEO or local online marketing?

Any company that offers local or regional products and services and has a headquarters in the region. No online stores, apartments or commercial agents!

Google presents Google places on the first page of searches local related increasingly results from his own book of business. These shows also a so-called pin on the Google maps as well as address, telephone number and the URL to the Web page. Currently only 7 local businesses with this very striking appearance on the first page of results are displayed.

5 Reasons for a 100% properly marinated on Google places profile:
  1. Google places entries are displayed prominently on the 1 hit - but only 7 hits!
  2. Google places entries conspicuously displayed in the search with Smart-phones
  3. Results with Google places profile include location and phone number for immediate contact
  4. Google places entries include photos, videos, and reviews about your products and services
  5. An optimized Google places profile gives an advantage perv. Competitors in your area
If you were convinced yet, finding your customers in regional newspapers and weekly, then you should consider immediately to pick them in regional and local search results from Google, before your competitor does. We can help you or your competitors!