Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Google EMD Algorithm Update: Exact Match Domains No Rank

Matt Cutts, declared on Twitter that Google goes once "low quality" precise match domains to make sure they are doing not rank well within the Google search results. Matt aforementioned this algorithmic rule update solely impacts 0.6% of English-US search queries.

Matt Cutts Update Google EMD

Matt Cutts Update Google EMD

Honestly, i'm a trifle stunned it took Google ciao to try to to this. I mean, Matt same in public that Google can check out actual match domains virtually 2 years past. i'd have thought Google would have done one thing shortly once. perhaps they need and perhaps this is often simply associate degree update to that? i'm undecided. however this should not come back as a surprise to anyone going once the precise match domains.

I believe Google was deceleration pushing this out some days agone, on weekday night. I saw AN dealing in SEO chatter within the Webmaster-world thread however i actually did not assume it had been Panda or Penguin seabird connected, that it wasn't, therefore i made a decision to attend it out and see what I might resolve over the weekend. it had been this, a particular match domain algorithmic program modification.

It sounds like several sites were hit, as several webmasters have rumored being hurt by this update. A Webmaster-world thread has many webmasters claiming to be victims. i'll do a poll on this in a few week, i do not need to poll our readers till they need time to analyze if they were compact by this. however it looks pretty important, particularly for SEOs and domainers.

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