Friday, 5 October 2012

What is SEO? The nature and types of optimizations

SEO KnowledgeHello my dear readers,

Today's post I decided to devote the term SEO. A lot of talk about it, but not everyone understands exactly what it is. Some think it is a specialist in buying links, others think he is a man a magician who knows some secrets promotion in search engines. In fact, there is no secret. Search engines themselves are materials about how to be a site to the search engines love it.

So, let's begin.

Each owner of a site always had, or still have to hear such a thing as SEO or search engine optimization. What it is and what it eat? Needless reduction SEO, English, stands for Search Engine Optimization and translated as Search Engine Optimization. In turn, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) - A complex of works, which aims to raise a certain position in search engines for specific keywords.

By definition, it is unclear what kind of a necessary set of works. Let's look at what needs to be done. When ranking the search engines determine relevancy site on many factors. All these factors are kept in strict confidence, and all the while their number increases. Unfortunately, and perhaps for the better, there is no exact formula for getting the site in the first place in the crescent. Yet we know the key factors that influence the position of your website. All of them can be divided into internal and external. Working with the internal factors are often called internal page optimization. These actions are aimed at improving the relevance of your website in search engines and then, how much fuller the requirements of search engines to the site directly affects its position on the search results page. And now imagine that option. On the one hand, there is a new high-quality site, such as online store tourist equipment, which is filled with the right information and decorated according to the rules of internal optimization pages. On the other hand, there is a potential customer who wants to buy, for example, snowshoes and sets an appropriate request to the search engine looks through the first five, maybe 10 links, read the description and buy accordingly where cheaper. But the newly created site on this list for some reason was not! And where is he? Go to the second page of the search engine, then the third, etc. And somewhere in there find our site. But why so? After all, a full description of the goods, there are photos, and even cheaper price all. Then the owner of the site is suitable to the basic problem, the Search Engine Optimization. It turns out that one internal site optimization and quality content is not enough to be "first." And what's the deal? But the fact that your site no links, it has a zero rating. That's what the outer optimization.

The whole thing is a citation index site(IC) . Citation index is a measure of the number of website links from other websites to your website. Therefore, if your resource is not referenced by other Web sites, your site will be IC zero, and it will have low rankings in search results. There are also themed Citation Index(TCI), which takes into account the number of sites linking to your subjects, and the weighted citation index (VITS), which takes into account the popularity of the linked resource. In general, these two induces are inseparably linked, and therefore do not record the site into the first directory, and even more to share links to resources not your subjects.

In order for your website to attract targeted visitors, and that it has a good position in the search engines and a stable citation index to hold a series of works on the external search engine optimization, some not even a one-off, and during the whole of the web site:

  • Submit your site to directories(search engines, directories separate sites)
  • Exchange links with other sites
  • Placement of Publications (articles, interviews, press releases)
  • Communication on Blogs and Forums
  • Establishment of Partnership Programs
  • Diversity of useful services

And besides all of the above should be aware of some rules, non-compliance with which search engines can exclude a site from the search. Should distinguish between such concepts as "White Optimization", "gray optimization", "Black Optimization".

For white SEO include all of the above methods of promotion without officially barred optimization.

Grey optimization is often a manifestation of a lack of respect to you the user, it is the fact that the text of the pages as a large number of keywords, which is not conducive to normal readable text, for example: "Camping equipment has a tourist because all tourists must travel gear and tourists without travel gear can not do. " Itself gray optimization is not prohibited, but may be regarded as a violation of the search engine.

Black optimization is officially banned and includes the use of doorway pages, cloaking, single-pixel links, hidden text on the site, which is not visible to the visitor, but easily seen by search engines. If you stick to the rules of search engine optimization of pages of internal rules and do not forget about the external search engine optimization, your website will not have to hang out in the tail of search queries, but on the contrary, it will take the allotted place in the top search engines. And finally, remember, first of all creating websites for people and think about them.

If people like your site, you will love it and the search engines.