Saturday, 15 September 2012

Google Panda 4.0 Update ? A Diversification Update.

There is some serious deal in SEO chatter and webmaster within the WebmasterWorld forums as of this morning with regard to a potential major Panda update. Major enough, we would upgrade the name from 3.9.x to 4.0 release?.

According to Matt Cutts tweet there wasn't a Panda update but rather an update to the changes of the search results. He wrote:
Mutt Cutts
On the idea of communication, I believe that this Panda update, not a Penguin update, Despite solely Panda update version 3.9.1 for twenty weeks in August. Nearly 4 weeks ago. So i believe we have a tendency to thanks to our monthly update Panda however additionally. We are curious for Penguin update.

Chatter picked up nearly 6:30 EDT on forum. One webmaster said:

We saw a 50% increase in our Google referrals to a heavily panda'd site yesterday. It has been hit by multiple rounds of Panda and overall has lost 90% of its Google traffic since February 2011. Has anyone else noticed a bump to a Panda'd site on September 14

Another one said:

Yes, us too. One site of ours got nailed on the very first Panda, and yesterday was one, of the best days in a long time, more increased traffic and solid conversions. Not sure it is Panda related though. site is reporting 88 degrees. and SERP Metrics do not share the same findings. May be, SEOmoz and SERP Metrics run their tools at different times.

Plz check your website to know is he hit by Google Panda? It can better or worse? Go check your analytics.